Improving Internal communication and cross team collaboration Part 1

If your company is going through exponential growth and doubling size every year, creating and keeping alignment across the growing organization becomes really hard.

In this 2 part episode we’ll discuss different strategies and tactics that both Wolox and Auth0 implemented to improve internal communications and cross team collaboration.

We’ll first talk about how to create alignment across the organization between your different departments. We’ll focus on OKRs, creating a global list of projects and processes, fostering empathy between departments and sharing point of contacts.

We’ll then dive into the 2 different types of content your organization creates: ephemeral content which is needed to drive discussions and reach to conclusions and lasting contents where you save the decisions and things your team needs to understand as it grows.

Lastly, we’re going to discuss which is the right meeting cadence that’s needed to drive effective cross department collaboration.

We hope you really enjoy the show :).