Working with UX and Design: From good (or bad) to great!

In this episode we’ll be talking about how to improve the interactions between the design/ux org and the rest of the organization. We’ll be sharing different problems that came up as Auth0 and Wolox scaled and solutions that were implemented.


You can either listen to the episode above, or read the transcript.

Key Learnings:

We’ll first start with a sum up of the genesis and evolution of the design/ux org in Wolox and Auth0.

One of the first problems that both companies experienced was about focus. When you have small design team, should they focus on Product or Marketing?

Sometimes, designers have 2 bosses: their head of design and the lead of the team that they belonged to. The head of design gives the designer one task, and the lead of the team gives them another. Which one should they take? In the second section, we’ll learn how to deal with this problem.

At both Auth0 and Wolox, at some point in time, design was a bottleneck for shipping some projects. In the third section, we’ll learn how to tackle that issue.

In the fourth section, we’ll learn how to move design from being “order takers” to being included earlier in the creation process.

In the fifth and last section, we’ll discuss whether it’s better to have a centralized design team or have design resources spread across the organization.