The evolution of learning during our lifetime

In this episode, we’re going to talk about how learning evolves throughout the years. At first, when you’re a junior marketer/developer, you’re like a sponge trying to learn every new shiny things. But is that good for your whole career? Does that change? How? In this episode, we’re going to try to answer those questions!


You can either listen to the episode above, or read the transcript.

Key Learnings:

We’ll first talk about hypes. At first, we always want to learn the latest hype and use it. What happens when you want to use that hype in “production”? How much time and effort was put into that hype? Is it something short without much research? Is it proven?

Secondly, we’re going to talk about clickbait titles. The web is now flooded of posts like “The 5 things you need to know for SEO” or “The 3 most popular techniques to call an API”. Is it worth to continue reading them? How can we choose wisely?

We’re in the era of Information, or as Homo Deus calls it, we’re becoming Dataists. In the third section, we’re going to discuss about how to differentiate information from noise and some techniques to do so.

Finally, we’re going to close with a sum up of all of the sections above giving a guide on when it’s good to learn?